Meeting in Valencia: “Behind the Water and Carbon Footprints of the agri-food sector”

Nov 9, 2022 | News | 0 comments

On November 8, at the Hotel RH Bayren in Playa de Gandía (Valencia), the meeting of the Ethical Trade Forums took place with the title “Behind the Water and Carbon Footprints of the agri-food sector”.

Natalia Hotait (Earthworm) opened the day with a presentation on regenerative agriculture, later establishing the bases for the subsequent debate on Carbon Footprints, their usefulness and the different existing methodologies. Nuria Marco (RawData/eFoodPrint) participated in this panel of experts together with Natalia herself, and then Andreu Román (BioDiversity Grow Program, Polytechnic University of Valencia) presented the practical application of a sustainable production program exposing the case of AM Fresh Citrus Farming in collaboration with BioDiversity Grow.

The first block of the morning was closed by Juanjo Martínez (Oxfam) who gave a presentation on Fair Wage.

After the coffee, various dynamics were carried out, among them Gloria Garcia and Carlota Moratilla (Sanlucar) held a workshop on Fair Wage, and the Forums accepted the challenge of discussing what it consists of, what are the components and how to calculate the fair wage in the future .

After finishing the presentation by Juan Pérez (Alimentos Mediterráneo) and Sergio Barberá (Conexión Social) about the Ethical Trade Forums Association, the Carbon Footprint Methodology and Management workshop was held, in which Carina Mazzuz and Manuel Vicente helped those present to better understand how to calculate the Carbon Footprint.

The day concluded with numerous positive evaluations in this regard.